Frequently Asked Questions

I need Security Services now! How soon can your Officers help me or my Business?

We are a rapid response team, capable of sending our Officers within the hour to most calls on short notice. Please speak with a sales representative or operations manager on our primary phone number at: (503) 490-6175.

*However due to high demand and resources, such services will most likely incur a Rapid Response fee to the original quote, but that fee may be waived in specific scenarios. Rapid Response Fee’s will only be charged for services requested within a week’s time of the initial contact, if services are negotiated and continued, the fee is removed after week has ended.


Will you do Unarmed Security?


Will you do Armed Security?


Will you provide Security for my event?

No, we do not do events.

Given our past experience in doing events, concerts, or bar security we have found that the services we provide is geared more towards Business, Corporate, and Executive individuals. We specialize in Anti-Terrorism, Personal Safety, and Threat Resolution. We are not Bouncers and when adopting such details as events, far too often that becomes the standard which is seen by the public.

Exceptions may include Private Parties, Business Dinners, and Executive Protections for performers or celebrities.

Can you install an Alarm/Camera Security System for my business or property?

No, we do not do installations.

However, we will recommend excellent products and inspect your property to ensure that proper measures are put into place. This falls under our Consultation category, and we are pleased to help business owners and any other individuals interested in pursuing the safety of their assets, personnel, and properties discover a method that best works for their needs.

We need a Security Fence, do you have any available?

No, we do not have fencing available at this time.

We may be able to offer recommendations and advice to fit your security needs, please feel free to ask for a consultation and we’ll be able to send an Executive Manager to discuss possible security options and how you can best contain your property.

I want to apply for a job with Cornerstone Security Group, what do I need?

Please check out our CAREERS page to find out more information on how to apply or what current positions are open.

Looking for Security, Call (503) 490-6175

For all other inquiries, call or message us.