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Why choose Cornerstone Security Group

We feel that the Security Industry has long been tarnished by individuals attempting to sell ideas and Hollywood notions of what Security Professionals are supposed to be. At best, Security Officers are seen as Rent-a-Cops. Meaning, off-duty Officers who choose to work in protecting their communities for a private entity; and at worst, as an overweight guard who’s more interested in a nap, book, or Facebook post than patrolling his area of responsibility.

For us, we’ve seen and been apart of a variety of these organizations and have both witnessed and suffered through poor management of finances, client relations, employee retaining, and safety in general. Additionally, we have seen and been apart other Security Companies who have taken on more clients than they can manage and thus have not been able to follow through on their obligations.

We founded Cornerstone Security Group on the principles of bringing professionalism and coordination back to the Security Industry. We know how to manage our resources, train and provide suitable work environments for our Officers, as well as, ensuring that client relationships are maintained and nurtured. Not only that but deriving our skills from Military and Law Enforcement backgrounds. This is fundamental in ensuring that the right methods are put in place to adapt to the ever-changing nature of crime and protection against it.

By selecting Cornerstone Security Group, you will receive highly trained individuals who are motivated to act in your best interest, and a management team devoted to ensuring that you feel valued and respected as a client in need of Security Services.

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